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Hi Friends, I’m Rebecca Hamilton!

I started my business Chick Boss Cake 8 years ago when I was 23 years old as a home baker & hobby cake decorator. As my passion grew, so did my business and it came time to make that gut wrenching decision… You know the one- the decision to either quit my job as a women support worker at the local shelter  & take this business seriously…or not. 

I opened the doors to my first  St Thomas shop in 2015. Shortly after it opened, I hired my husband to leave his Investment Career at TD Bank to come help me grow my cake business! Four years later, my second London location opened, and here we are today!

I am 31 years old,  completely self taught both in business & in cake decorating. School was never my jam, but i respect it if its yours!

I’ve traveled the world & bought my dream home last year {Which is a pretty big deal for me because the struggle was real when I moved out at 16}.

Dog mom of two. Shark lover. Disney obsessed.

I love all things colorful, sparkly & unique.

I am very much introverted & a true empath in every sense.

I believe the universe/god/creator has the power to change your life if you follow your passion & be your true authentic self. 

I believe in kindness & that there is unlimited abundance for everyone. I don’t feel in competition with anyone but myself & I want you to feel that way too!

I decided to launch my online decorating courses because there’s no where else to learn how to decorate instagram-worthy treats like a pro! I’m here to help you develop the skill you’ll need to take your cake business (or DIY skills) to the next level!

I am ready to help you achieve your dreams, just the way I did!

Whether you’re a home baker trying to get off the ground,

An established business wanting to work smarter not harder,

A stay at home mom, who just wants to know how to decorate like a pro for a pinterest-worthy party and save some money!

 Whomever you are, Whatever stage you’re at I want to show you how i achieved so much, so early on!

As Shania would say, Lets Go Girls! {and guys too because #equality}

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222 Wellington Street London, Ontario

381 Talbot Street, St Thomas, Ontario

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